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Column and Boom Manipulator



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Machine classifications:
1/RMB - 1/TRMB Portable
2/RMB - 2/TRMB Middle weight
3/RMB - 3/TRMB Medium Duty
RC - TRC Universal Type Heavy Duty
1/RC - 1/TRC Extra Heavy Duty

“AMIN” Column & Boom Manipulators are built in five different designs.

These groups cover a range of machines comprising 1/RMB upto Heavy Duty machine 1RC – 12 M x 12 M. The latter machine having 12 Mtr. Maximum height under Boom and 12 Mtr. arc travel.

The recommendation as to the most suitable Manipulator to meet requirements depends upon.

1. Length of Boom and maximum height under Boom

2. Weight carried at the end of the Boom – welding head – operator’s seat or lay trough – welder’s platform and additional welder’s walkway running total length of the Boom.

Thus, a Column and Boom can have smaller dimensional proportions and yet be of more robust design than a Column and Boom which has a greater horizontal and vertical Boom travel.

It will be understood from the classifications that in developing the different groups of machines we have had to take into consideration the very exacting requirements of some of our customers, in particular those engaged in cylindrical vessels manufacture where we have to meet a specification for a Manipulator to carry approximately 300 Kgs. carried at the end of the Boom and maintain a deflection of better than 8 mm.

The Manipulator comprises four essential components.


Much theory has been written on the design of these four main components, but the fact remains that ultimately the machine has to be built and carry out the correct functions required by the customer for his exact requirements.

The following points will be of interest.


We have developed an extremely robust fabricated design which has a minimum depth to give the necessary rigidity. If the depth of the Base is sacrificed in order to give a slightly lower minimum height under Boom, then some rigidity must be sacrificed. The base top plate is of extremely generous dimension, which varies according to the size of the machine.

The Base design is such that the machine is free standing when the Boom is being operated in the maximum height and fully extended.

The Base can be either stationary or can be supported on four single flanged wheels to form a Traveling Carriage. Alternatively, two double flanged wheels and two plain wheels to travel along the track-way. In this case the Base incorporate either constant speed or variable speed drive. By utilizing two double flanged and two plain wheels, accurate tracking can be ensured where it is required to weld with the Column traversing.

The Column is supported on a cross-roll bearing (not a plain ball bearing, as used by some competitors). The larger machines are fitted with pre-loaded cross-roll bearings, which eliminate the “free-play” at this point, thus reducing Boom deflection. If a ball bearing is used, deflection must arise because all ball bearings must have a clearance. The diameter of the cross roll bearing ranges from 430 mm to 1660 mm

Clamps are provided so that when the welding head is in the correct position the Column can be manually securely located.

Motorized Column rotation can be incorporated. In this case the cross roll bearing has an integral spur gear on the periphery. In the case of RC/TRC Universal manipulators rotation is achieved an AC motor and one reduction gear box but on the later machines, rotation is achieved through an AC motor and two heavy duty reduction gear boxes, which engage directly with the integral spur gear, thus eliminating backlash.

The Column rotation of the large Manipulators with very long Booms incorporates a special drive to smoothen out starting and stopping of rotation, thus reducing the strain, which would otherwise be placed on the reduction drive.

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